Using a plumber to find plumbing leaks

Ordering a Plumbing Report

Water plays such a large part in the cause of slab heave. So eliminating uncontrolled sources, such as plumbing leaks, is critical.

Use a Plumbing Test to Find Leaks

When investigating slab heave, I place a massive priority on finding and repairing leaks in stormwater and sewer pipes.

At its most simple level, a plumbing test consists of hiring a plumber to block off the downstream outlets, filling the sub-slab pipe with water and checking to see if the water level drops.

Choosing a Plumber

You should choose a plumber that has experience in finding and fixing leaks. The plumber should be aware of the regulations for backfilling trenches with clay and installation of flexible footings.

Fix the Leaks

If a leak in the plumbing is detected, the easiest way to identify the location of the leak is with a drain camera. A drain camera when inserted in a dry drain pipe allows the plumber to inspect the internal surfaces of the pipe. The plumber can identify the exact location of cracks, breaks, tree roots and faulty fittings. The defect can then be fixed.

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How to Identify and Fix Slab Heave