Find out when the house was built

When was the House Built?

Knowing the date of construction is a massive clue that will help a number of aspects of your investigation:

  • Was it before 2011 or 1996? AS2870 was revised in those years and the rules for designing footings changed. When you assess the original drawings you will need to reference the Australian standard that was valid at the time of the design.
  • What was the weather like before and during construction. Check the page on accessing weather data form the Bureau of Meteorology.
  • Did construction commence before or after the date on the design drawings? Site inspections that predate the design drawings could indicate the footings and slab were poured before they were designed. Check the design!!

The best way to determine when the footings and slab were constructed is to get a copy of the certifier’s inspection reports. Local authorities hold these records for some properties so try them first.

Other ways are to

  • Ask if the homeowner has payment records,
  • Does the homeowner have dated site photos.
  • Does the original builder have site records or a diary that records the dates of construction?
  • Does the certifier maintain inspection records for the property.
  • Were the footings or slab inspected by the design engineer and do they have dates on their records?

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